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What is Thyroid Ablation and how
do I know if I should have it done?

Thyroid Ablation is the process of injecting thyroid nodules via a probe with heat to actually denature peptides within the cells that are creating the enlarging thyroid nodules or goiters. It is usually done using a neck ultrasound and a small needle in the clinic.  


Dr. Brady now offers RFA (Radiofrequency Ablation) as a cutting edge treatment for thyroid nodules and goiters. This brand new RFA technique is a non-surgical option for appropriate patients to avoid a thyroid surgery and anesthesia. RFAshrinks thyroid nodules and saves thyroid function by using heat therapy. The RFA procedure is performed under local anesthesia with minimal discomfort.

Benefits include:

  • preservation of thyroid function

  • avoids thyroid surgery

  • no neck scar

  • no need for general anesthesia

  • typically easier recovery and faster return to normal activities

Watch the video above or call our office for an appointment to learn more about Radiofrequency Ablation!

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