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Online Consultation and Surgery Scheduling

Want to be able to receive our surgeon’s expert recommendation without the need to travel in to Austin for a consultation? Dr. Brady is committed to bringing you the highest level of surgical care to everyone including patients who live outside of Austin. They offer out of town patients the option of doing an online consultation rather than the patient having to travel in to town.

What is an Online Consultation?

Dr. Brady wants to make it easy for patients to access their expertise without needing to travel in to Austin. As part of the online consultation, our surgeons will review your medical records, provide a 15-20 minute phone conversation with her and a written summary of the case and recommendations that can be e-mailed to you.

Cost of Online Consultation:  

  • We will bill your insurance, you are still responsible for your specialist co-payment fee.

Consultation Days (This is the day/time our surgeons conduct online consultations):

Consultation dates and times will be provided once we receive all necessary information (see below).

We are always willing to work with our patients to find a convenient time so please let us know and provide a couple of days when you are available and we will try to accommodate as best as we can

Face to Face Versus Online Consultation:

Most of our patients choose to do the online consultation for the convenience and immediacy it offers. With the online consultation, our patients don’t have to make or pay for travel arrangements to and from Austin. However, if you prefer to travel to Austin to come see us, that is an option that is always available to you. Keep in mind that if you’re a candidate for surgery and have chosen to come in to Austin for a consultation, we may not be able to schedule surgery right away. We will try our best to schedule you within a few of days of office visit but cannot guarantee it, as it is all dependent on the surgery facility. If you decide to come in to Austin for the consultation, then the online consultation fee would not apply.

The following will explain how out of town patients can become a patient of Modern Thyroid.

Please fill out our New Patient Forms and fax to us at (512) 887-3197. This form is secure and follows HIPAA guidelines.

Contact your primary or referring physician’s office and have them fax your medical records to us at (512) 887-3197. If they need a Release of Information, please fill out and send to them.

Your medical records should include the following:

Labs (calcium, PTH, Vitamin D and thyroid labs) are required and must not be older than 6 months old.


If your labs are older than 6 months:

You can go back to your physician or we are happy to send an order to your preferred lab.

Imaging (We don’t need the radiology images, only the report(s))Thyroid/neck ultrasound

If you haven’t had a thyroid/neck ultrasound done, you can either get an order from primary/referring physician or we can order and send to your preferred imaging facility.

Parathyroid Scan/Sestamibi (optional)

History & Physical

If there are any progress notes related to your diagnosis, please include those as well.

Please complete the Consent for Online Consultation here.

The consent for the online consultation will need to completed and faxed along with your medical records before the consult to (512) 887-3197.


Thank you so much for allowing MODTHYROID to be involved in your care!

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